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Products comparison

Feature Home edition Standard edition Professional edition
License Freeware Shareware Shareware
Quick start with Wizard and templates Yes Yes Yes
Incremental backup Yes Yes Yes
Differential backup Yes Yes Yes
Full compatible ZIP archives format 8GB 60GB Unlimited size
Strong encryption (AES 256-bit) Yes Yes Yes
Backup to:
CD/DVD, external USB HDD, Flash, LAN, local HDD
Yes Yes Yes
Built-in CD/DVD disc burning engine Yes Yes Yes
Backup locked and opened files by Volume Shadow Copy Service Yes Yes Yes
Split large backup archives into several volumes Yes Yes Yes
Quick restore with archives manager Yes Yes Yes
Flexible tuning as root folders as sub folders Yes Yes Yes
Built-in scheduler Yes Yes Yes
Built-in ZIP archives viewer:
view, open, extract files
Yes Yes Yes
Built-in ZIP archives browser:
view, open, extract files from full, incremental and differential archives
Yes Yes Yes
Reduce CPU loading by " Program priority" option Yes Yes Yes
Limitation of simultaneous backup task executing Yes Yes Yes
Additional compression levels:
fast, high
Yes Yes Yes
Log file viewer Yes Yes Yes
Email notification on backup complete Yes Yes Yes
Shut down computer after backup complete Yes Yes Yes
Support for large zip archives (zip64) 8GB limit 60GB limit Yes
Shortcuts for "One click" manual backup No Yes Yes
Command line support No Yes Yes
Sequence of tasks execution No Yes Yes
Run application or batch file before and after backup task No Yes Yes
Backup folder limitation by archive size or free space on local hard disk No Yes Yes
Automatically swap to next partition of hard disk No Yes Yes
Tune error message window appearence No Yes Yes
Support by email No Yes Yes

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