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DFIncBackup Help - Articles - Backup to DVD RW disk

Make backup to DVD-RW disk

Backup to DVD is one of the popular methods to backing up of valuable personal and business information. DVD drive and DVD discs are cheap and enough reliable.

DVD-R discs recommended for archiving of long-term static information. Everyday backup can be done to rewritable DVD discs: DVD-RW and DVD+RW. Specialized backup software can split large backup to several DVD discs. At now DVD drives with auto disc loading robot are available on market.

DVD burning speed is not as high as transfer speed of hard disk. If time for backing up is limited and data size is large, external or internal hard disk can be used as intermediate storage for backing up data at first step. On the next step data can be burned to DVD discs without time limitation.

There are several rules for secure backup to DVD:
1) Use one DVD-RW disc set per daily backup. In this case faulty disc breaks only one backup archive.
2) DVD-RW disk has limited amount of overwrite cycles. It depends on model and manufacturer. DVD-RW discs must be replaced with new ones before exceeding of overwrite cycles limit.
3) Integrity of backup archive must be done after each backup performing. Commonly backup software has special option to do this after backup task done.
4) Result of backup task can be viewed by backup log.
It contains detailed information about backup task executing and occurred errors. Modern backup software can send brief result information by email.
5) Mark each DVD disc with a disk number and backup set number. Date of current backup archive can marked on first disc in set.

It is highly recommended to use backup software, which make backup archives in open industry format. Because current version of backup software can be incompatible with new version of Windows operating system and new hardware. Open industry standard allows to open backup archives by third party software in any time in the future. It is very important for long-term keeping backup archives.

Lifetime of keeping DVD discs is the most critical for long-term backup archives. Most manufacturers declare this feature of DVD discs. DVD discs must be placed in safe room with stable temperature, humidity and low amount of dust. DVD media must be protected against direct sunlight. Extra cheap discs can be unreadable after storing during several years.

In practice total compatibility of DVD drives, DVD discs and DVD backup software can be not so clear. Most DVD drives has recommended models of DVD discs, which allow to get better speed and quality of recording. Some backup software can support extra features like high speed burning or disc loading robot for a limited amount of DVD drive models.

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