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Make backup home computer - Free and Secure

How much make it cost when home computer has failed? Many people say, it is only price of new computer or repair service bill. It not a full price. Each home computer store user data, which can be unique or hard to recovery. Let to investigate typical myths of using computer at home:

1) There is nothing to backup;
2) Any information can be searched easy;
3) Stored web pages and files have a zero cost;
4) Public bookmark services and WebMail is safe personal storage;
5) Online backup is a silver bullet.

Myth 1: There is nothing to backup.

Computer used only for internet browsing and email. There are 2 types of user data: bookmarks and emails. It is very hard to remember how you search some web pages with important and useful information. Because several searches was performed and result's pages was read and analyzed, and after a number of pages with poor, abstract and unrelated content, you get the full and trustworthy answer from reliable source.

Myth 2: Any information can be searched easy.

All major search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, update search algorithms to get most relevant results. During this changes some sites may drop from search results at all, or move on 2nd, 3rd and other pages.

Myth 3: Stored web pages and files have a zero cost.

Even if you does not search work related information, there are a lot of news and articles, which tell about things and events influencing on personal life of everybody: health, finance, services and goods. Health theme is enormous area: health tips, medication, recommendation and reviews, address of specialized clinics, etc. Services for home customers are various: cable TV, electrician, home electronic repair, tickets and hotel for holiday travel, food delivery, restaurant reserve, truck rent for moving, etc. Financial sphere includes: bank issues, service bills, comparison of bank credits and saving account plans. Goods: home electronics, vehicles, sport inventory, furniture, clothes and shoes, home plants and decorative things, gifts and jewels, etc.
How much does it cost? Expensive medical clinic or less effective medication. Additional cost for bank issues to refuse previous quarter or year wrong bill from some third party customer service. Electrician is unknown to you and have no recommendation from your friends. Gifts was delivered too late. Some cases make money loss, and others put you out of humour.

Myth 4: Public bookmark services and WebMail is safe personal storage.

There are two ways to store bookmarks: local computer and internet service for personal bookmarking. Second way seems to be good: access from anywhere and offsite storage. But read user agreement on that service, there is no backup at all or no guarantee of recovery personal bookmarks after hardware fail. Your can use online backup services. But in any case data must be exported from internet bookmark service to local PC, and then it will be backed up to internet storage.
Emails contains personal relations, bill and significant event notifications, some tips and recommendation from subscribed sites. Large companies offer cheap or free storage for emails on mail servers. But it does not guarantee full recovery after hardware fail or hacker attack. Think twice to store emails with unique and irreplaceable information: access codes for internet service, software registration keys, personal discount coupons, friends address and phone codes, etc.

Myth 5: Online backup is a silver bullet.

There is a lot of online backup services today. Many of them suggest some storage space for free. And get additional cost for more storage space.
To prevent lost of personal backup, internet storage must by paid in time or prepaid for several months.
Privacy is also significant. Not only hackers can use your confidential information. But some man acquainted with you can do it too. Most reason of private data leak is a weak password. Such password has one or several properties: short length, one case character, no digit and special symbols, using personal information. Personal information include birthday, names, pseudonym, address, phone code, favorite films and songs, preferred trade marks, etc.
Sometimes own mistakes of online storage company can show part or all private information in public access for a short time. But it enough to destroy private life or business of some users.


Use local backup software for local media backup and internet storage too. Because you always get a packed backup archive, which can be uploaded to internet storage quick and easy.
Let me recommend free and secure, professional backup tool.
There is powerful automatic backup software - DFIncBackup Home.

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