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DFIncBackup Help - Articles - Backup My Documents folder

How to backup My Documents folder in MS Windows

Any computers at home and office keep valuable information. This information is unique and cannot be got from any other source. Natural disaster, fire damage, virus attack or human deliberate action can make useless computers and loss of user data forever. Therefore everyday backup of vital personal and business data is very important.

User information keeping in many files: emails, text documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos. Loss of this data will be a disaster for a business company or one person.

Most of user information stored in special folders, which Windows operating system use to store new user files by default. Usually backup software can detect and include default folders to backup profile automatically. Path to default folders depends on operating system version. In Windows 7, folder [My Documents] located here: C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\. Almost any application saves personal documents into this folder. This folder contains several default folders for keeping specific file types: My Music, My Pictures and My Videos. Media files have a large size and can be excluded from backup profile.

There are a lot of methods to backup [My Documents] folder:
1) Manual backup. Open folder in explorer, select files and copy it to usb flash drive, external hard drive or DVD drive. You get full control on including / excluding of files to backup. But there is no backup log to look and get errors during copying. MS Windows explorer can stop data transfer without confirmation and you newer know what happened.
2) Built-in backup software. Users of all editions of Windows 7 have full edition of Windows Backup. It can perform full-disk and OS backup to DVD drive, external and internal hard drives. Customers of Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions have additional feature: backup to network and restoration from it.
3)Third-party free data backup software. This software has a lot of advantages in compare with built-in backup solution. Flexible scheduler can execute backup with any option at any time. Incremental mode allows to backup "My Documents" folder quickly and repeat this task several times per day. For example backup procedure can be executed every 2 hours to prevent large data loss after hardware failure. Protected execution with detailed error logging allows continuing backup after error and analyzing this error later. Open industry standard of format for backup archives make log-term solution available. Such archives can be opened by new tool on new hardware and operating system, which are non-compatible with old backup software.

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