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Online help - DFIncBackup Professional

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Shortcuts to quick start of any project

This feature allows to create shortcuts, which will start selected backup project. This shortcuts can be created on desktop, start menu, quick start panel, autorun and any user specified folder.


To create quick shortcut:
1) Select project in project list.
2) Click right mouse button on it and select "Create Shortcut" from menu.
3) If need, change shortcut name.
4) Select backup type: "Manual selected", "Normal (incremental backup)", "Full".
5) Select placement of shortcut:
    a) Desktop
    b) Start menu
    c) Quick lunch
    d) Autorun
    e) Custom folder
6) Apply shortcut to:
    a) Current user only
    b) All users
7) Press "OK" to create shortcut.

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