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Online help - DFIncBackup Professional

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Supported media types

Removable drives
Hard disk

Removable drives

Tune a removable drive by using menu "Project | Properties". Select "Target" - "Removable drive".


Now DFIncBackup supports writing to the following media types:
1) Native direct write drives: 
    Flash disk, External USB hard drive, Floppy, ZIP drive, Magneto-optical disks, etc;
2) DVD and CD disks, which will be written by built-in CD/DVD disc burning engine.
It is recommended to use DVD+RW, DVD-RW and CD-RW for your backup archives.

Note: your must have a free space on harddisk to store temporary disk image: DVD - 4,7GB, CD - 700MB.

Hard disk

1) Tune location of backup folder by using menu "File | Configuration". 


2) After that, use menu "Project | Properties". Select "Target" - "Local disk only".


Note: This backup folder is common for all projects. To store to another folder use "Target" - "Folder on local disk, network, etc.".


Tune network folder by using menu "Project | Properties". Select "Target" - "Folder on local disk, network, etc".


Two possible ways to use network folders:
1) By UNC path;
2) By mapped drive letter.

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