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Online help - DFIncBackup Professional

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Make manual backup

Note: You can start a backup project manually at any time.

Start backup manually

  1. Select project from project list.
  2. Press button on toolbar or F5 key
  3. Choose backup type:
    a) Full backup - save all selected files.
    b) Incremental backup - save only changed files.
  4. You can see project status in "Status" column
  5. When backup is complete, "Status column" will contain:
    a) "Not active" - backup was successful.
    b) "Errors" - some errors occurred. Press to see detail error description in Backup log.

Backup task management

  1. For stop executing backup task press or Ctrl+F2 key.
  2. To pause executing backup task:
    a) Press or Ctrl+F2 key.
    b) For continue executing press  .

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