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Knowledge base - DFIncBackup Professional

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Incremental backup

Incremental backup saves only new files and files that have changed since last backup.
It is the fastest backup.
Incremental backup allows to keep all versions of files.


  • Short time to complete backup. It can be several times faster than full backup.
  • Less storage space on the backup media.
  • Store all versions of files.


  • It get more time to make full restore.
  • It requires latest full backup and all incremental backups to make full restore.

DFIncBackup keep information about files (date, size, check sum) in special index file.
It allows to make incremental backup without access to previuos full and incremental backups.
For example:
DFIncBackup store backup to DVD disk and it placed into safe space.
When DFIncBackup make backup next time, there is no need to get DVD with previous backup to do incremental backup.

Typically full backup makes monthly or weekly. And incremental backup executing every day.
It allows to keep less amount of incremental backup media: DVDs, external HDD, flash disks.

Use separate removable media (DVD, flash) to store each incremental backup.
Also replace removable media with new ones before it exceed a limit of overwrite cycles.
It prevents from restoration failure by damaged media.

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