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Online help - DFIncBackup Professional

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Edit schedule times

Add schedule time
Edit schedule time
Delete schedule time

Add schedule time:

  1. If button "Add" is dimmed, check "Enable scheduling".
  2. Press "Add" button. "Add new schedule time" dialog box will appear.
  3. Select schedule event type using "Run type" combobox:
    a) Week days - select week days and time.
    b) Month day - select month day (include "Last Month Day" option) and time.
    c) Year day - select month, month day and time.
    d) Specific day - select specific date and time.
  4. Select Backup type:
    a) Normal (incremental backup) - if previous archive exists, save only changed files. In other case save all files.
    b) Full - always save all files.
  5. Press "OK" for save schedule time.

Note: You can see the time of the next scheduled event in the column "Next time" of project list.

Edit schedule time:

  1. Select schedule item in list.
  2. Press "Edit" button or double click on selected item.
  3. Change needed options: Run Type, Backup type, Time, other.
  4. Press "OK" for save schedule time

Delete schedule time:

  1. Select schedule item in list.
  2. Press button "Delete" or press key "Delete".
  3. Confirm delete item, by press "Yes".

Note: if you want to restore a deleted item, drop project changes by pressing "Cancel" in project window and open project again.

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