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Create \ Edit backup projects

Description of controls
Quick navigate
Create new project
Edit project
Delete project

Description of controls

    Open monitor window: click right mouse button on tray icon and select "Monitor" in popup menu.
    In monitor window you can see existing projects list. The first time the program is run, the monitor window is empty.


For edit/view project properties, select a projects from list and press button on the toolbar, or press Alt+Enter. A sample of the project properties window is shown below. When you select items in the Folders Tree, the Property panel shows properties for selected item. "Quick navigate" button allows quick navigating between folders.



Quick navigate

  1. For quick navigating press button "Quick navigate" or Alt+0.
  2. In the window "Tuned folders" select the required folder.
  3. Press button "Goto" or Enter.


Create new project:

  1. You can create a new project by selecting menu item "Project | Create New" or click on toolbar button .
  2. Enter new project name or leave default name. Warning: this project name will be used as folder name, therefore it must contain only symbols enabled in folder names.
  3. Wizard window appears: 
    a) Use it to easily create a project with wizard help. See "Project wizard" for detail.
    b) Press "Cancel" to create project manually.
  4. In opened project window, you can see tree with parameters section names on the left and  content of selected parameter section on the right.
  5. Now enter "Project Description".
  6. If you want the backup project started by the scheduler, check "Enable schedule". Edit schedule times as described in chapter "Edit schedule times".
  7. Select Backup type: Incremental or Differential.
  8. Select default method for detecting changes (use only in incremental archives):
    a) By date:
        Only new files  -  include only files with changed date newer than previously saved archive.
        Any Changes  - include files with changed date from the previously saved archive.
    b) By content - save files with changed content. This condition will checked by CheckSum.
  9. Select default method for archiving files:
    a) Enable archive open files  -  if option checked, files opened by other program (for example MS Word) will be backed up. Otherwise this file will be skipped.
    b) Enable archive hidden files - if option checked, hidden files will be backed up. Otherwise hidden files will be skipped.
    c) Compression - default compression level for project.
    d) Keep unexisting files - if option checked, in incremental backup mode deleted files will not removed from archive.
  10. Target drive for saved archives:
    a) Default settings - all drive parameters used from configuration.
    b) Select Drive letter.
    c) Select or enter drive size. Warning: size "Auto" can't using with unchecked option "Direct write".
    d) Select "Direct write" option, if target drive can be written directly by drive letter (like floppy drive). Use this option for flash disk, external USB harddisk, CD/DVD disks, etc.
    e) "Auto detect" option is used for automatically detecting (if possible) next parameters: Direct write, disk size. If setting this option gives a wrong result, deselect it.
  11. Add new root folder to project:
    a) In folders tree (left panel) select "Add new root folder".
    b) Press button "Add new folder"
    c) In dialog "Select new root folder location" select folder, which you want to archive.
    d) Select appearing item "Root folder 0".
    e) Now you can see Explorer-like files list in right panel.
    f) Select mode of including files using one of three buttons:
       "Selected" - include only files which match with filemasks on "include files" tab.
       "All" -  including all files.
       "Disable" - don't include any file.
    g) Check "Include sub folder", if you want include files from all subfolders.
    h) If you set select mode "Selected", add include files by button . In the window "Add include files" you can select "Include file type":
        1. "Custom file type" - you can enter file mask and file type description. (For example: *.doc, My*.bmp)
        2. "Other file types" - recommended. You can select file types from template by list "Select components". To select required file type check it.
      Press "OK" to add file types in include files list.
    i) If required, add exclude file mask on "Exclude files" tab by button .
    j) Switch to "Default option" tab, which contains options which will be used in "All" including files mode. Check "Default from parent", if you want to use settings from project page. For specific settings uncheck it and use checkboxes below (parameters description see in step 6 and step 7).  
  12. If required, add other new root folders (see step 9)
  13. Press button "OK" for save project.

Edit project

  1. Select project in "Projects list". Open its properties by click on toolbar icon or press Alt +Enter.
  2. In opened project window, you can see the tree with parameters section names on the left and parameter section content on the right.
  3. In "Folders tree", select "Project" item for changing main properties:
    a) Project description.
    b) Schedule and condition. For details, see "Edit schedule times".
    c) Default method for detect changes.
    d) Default method for archiving files.
    e) Target drive for save archives.
  4. To add a new root folder see p.9
  5. Edit root folder properties:
    a) Select it in "Folders tree".
    b) On sheet "Include files" you can change include method: 
        "Selected" - only selected by file masks.
        "All" - all files excluding those defined by "Exclude files" filemasks.
        "Disable" - don't include any file. 
         Note: Even if "Disable" option selected for root folder you can tune one or more subfolders for archiving files.
    c) On sheet "Include files" checkbox "Include sub folders" - all files from subfolders will archive with root folder settings.
         Note: You can tune the subfolder for change archiving rules or disable archive it.
    d) On sheet "Exclude files" you can change exclude file masks. 
    e) On sheet  "Default options" you can change settings for including method "All".
        Note: use this setting only for files, which not match with "Include files" masks.
    f) If required, tune subfolders like root folder. 
       - Select root folder in "Folders Tree"
       - Open root folder by "+" at left. It works like Windows Explorer. 
       - Select required subfolder
       - Check "Tune this folder" . You can see folder property panel. Tune it like root folder property panel. 
  6. If required, change root folder location:
    a) Select it in "Folders tree".
    b) Click right mouse button and select "Change folder" OR press Ctrl+H.
    c) Change root folder location and press OK.
  7. Delete root folder:
    a) Select it in "Folders tree".
    b) Click right mouse button and select "Delete" OR press key "Delete". 
    c) Confirm deletion of root folder by pressing "Yes".
  8. Save changes by pressing OK in project window.

Delete project

  1. Select project in "Projects list".
  2. Click right mouse button and select "Delete" OR press key "Delete".
  3. Confirm deleting of project by press "Yes".
    Note: when you delete project, all archives of this project will stay unchanged in the "Backup folder". Also you can restore a project from one of this archives. Detail see in "Restore files from archives" and "Restore projects on another computer".

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