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Online help - DFIncBackup Professional

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Configure size limit and autochange disk partition for "\Backup" folder

Why is it needed?

  • Computer may have several hard disk partitions. And after summary archives size limit is exceeded, there are 2 ways to proceed:
    a) Change partition for "local HDD folder" and save new archives into it.
        Note: Previously saved archive remains in previous "Backup" folder location.
    b) Delete oldest archives, which were saved on removable disks (if it allowed in configuration - "Save only last archives set").
    The first way is safest and automatic.


  1. Open configuration window by select menu item "File | Configuration"
    or click on toolbar button .
  2. Check "Limit archives size" checkbox
  3. Select limitation type:
    a) By free space on disk.
    b) By summary archives size.
  4. Enter limit in megabytes (MB)
  5. Check "Enable save on other partition, when current is full" checkbox.
  6. Press OK for save changes.


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