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Online help - DFIncBackup Professional

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Configuration dialog parameters

Open configuration window by selecting the menu item "File | Configuration"
or click on toolbar button
Configuration window contain several sheets:
1) Main parameters
2) Startup
3) Safety
4) Notify
5) Templates
6) Disk drives
7) Built-in CD/DVD disc burning engine

Main parameters


This sheet contains all critical parameters.

  • Local HDD folder - contains full path to folder on local hard disk, which is used as default archive storage. User can change it manually or tune it for automatically change location, when current partition of local hard disk is full or the limit of summary archives size ("Limit archives size") is reached.
  • Last copy local save:
    a) Limit archive size - if checked, summary archives size will be limited by free space or archives size (see next parameter). Size limit is entered in megabytes.
    b) Save only last year, quarter, month, week - if checked, saved archives will be erased if checkbox "Enable save on another partition, when current is full" is unchecked.
    c) Enable save on another partition, when current is full - if checked, when limit is exceeded, the program tries to tune the backup folder location to next disk partition. If this operation fails, new archives will not be created until user removes old archives (any limit setting) or other files (only for "free space" limit setting).
  • Running option:
    a) Limit max amount of simultaneously tasks executed - if checked, limits the maximum number of backup tasks which can be started by the built-in scheduler. Manually started tasks are not limited in this way.
    b) Program priority - This option is only for advanced users. It changes the program running priority. This parameter can be: Normal (by default), Low, Lowest.
  • Temporary folder location (location of folder for temporary files):
    a) Windows temp - uses windows temp folder.
    b) Backup folder - uses current "Backup folder".
    c) User defined - uses user defined folder as temporary folder.
  • Logging:
    a) Limit backup log file - restricts the size of backup log file in kilobytes
    b) Limit configuration log file - restricts the size of configuration log file in kilobytes



This sheet allows to manage:

  • Auto start program.
  • Shortcuts for program executing

This options can apply to:

  • Current user only
  • All users



This sheet contains safety parameters:

  • Show error message window:
    a) Disable - error message window never show, even if some error occur.
    b) Periodically, every N minutes - if some error occurs, error message window will show every N minutes.
    c) Once per day, when program start - if some error occurs, error message window will show when program start first time on this day.
    d) Every program start - if some error occurs, error message window will show every time, when program start. 
  • Broken saving of archive:
    a) Try to execute task next time - built-in scheduler automatically wait some time and try execute failed backup task again
    b) Stop and disable task - built-in scheduler disable task and don't try start it in future.
  • Test removable disk copy: 
    a) After write each disk - after each removable disk is written, saved archive are tested by checksum.
    b) After write all disk of backup set - after all removable disks have been written, saved archives are tested by checksum.
    c) Disable - don't check archives (by default) 
  • Erase content of removable disk before writing:
    a) Ask before erase - if removable disk isn't empty, ask user for clear it.
    b) Always erase - if removable disk isn't empty, clear it without user confirmation.
    c) Disable - don't try to clear disk 




This sheet allow to tune notifications by email:

  • Email address - format box@mydomain.dom .
  • Smtp server - mail.mydomain.dom.
  • Smtp login and password.
  • From name - name for mail box, like "Backup system".
  • Admin email - using for send test email.




This sheet allow to manage templates (detail see create and edit templates):

  • Template file - current template, which settings is showing on this sheet.
  • Description -  description of current template.
  • Folder - default location of root folder.
  • Button "New"  - create new template.
  • Button "Remove" - remove current template.
  • Sheet "Include files" - list of filemasks of including files:
    a) Combobox "Select include mode" - define method of including files (Selected files, All).
    b) Checkbox "Include sub folders" - include sub folders into archive.
  • Sheet "Exclude files" - list of filemasks of excluding files.

Disk drives


This sheet allow to manage removable disk drives & writeable CD/DVD drives:

  • Checkbox "Enable auto detect removable disk drives" - if checked,  list of available removable disk drives and CD/DVD drives will refresh every time program starts.
    Note: permanent disk drives (which have unchecked "Auto detect" checkbox) are not checked for presence and properties.
  • Button "Detect" - this button initiate refreshing of list of available removable disk drives and CD/DVD drives.
  • Button "Property" - open property window for selected disk drive.

For edit disk drive properties:

  1. Select disk drive in list.
  2. Press button "Property" or double click left mouse button.
  3. Check "Use for default", if you want to use this removable drive as the default for writing archives.
  4. Select "Auto detect", if you need it. 
    Remove this check, if you want to permanently save your settings:
    a) Size - enter disc size: in bytes (1 457 500), in kilobytes (1200 KB), in megabytes (700 MB).
    b) Direct write - check this if disk can be written directly, i.e. for example from explorer, MS WORD, etc.
    c) Enable - uncheck it, if you want disable write archives by this drive.
  5. Press OK for save changes.



Built-in CD/DVD disc burning engine


Tune program for write CD/DVD: 

  1. Check free disk space on CD/DVD before make disk image - if checked, the program tries get free space on CD/DVD (first in set), which must be inserted in the drive.
  2. Disk Image path - path to folder to be used for storing disk images, which will be used by built-in CD/DVD disc burning engine.

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